Today, June 7, 2019, Midem event has come to an end. However, for us, it's just the beginning of many future partnerships we are looking to start with all music industry professionals we've met at this business event. We are happy to have so many registrations of the artists and other music industry players on Show4me during Midem. 

In the video below Show4me founder and CEO, Karen Chiftalaryan talks about a very positive response of the Midem community to Show4me's innovative formula to success in the music world. 

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Today’s schedule for Show4me team was loaded with countless meetings and fruitful discussions resulting in teamwork with record labels, management companies, concert promoters, and other music professionals. Just being here around so many true professionals and passionate music experts gathered all in one place with one goal and joint effort - move forward the greater future for the artists and the overall music industry… Sounds very similar to what Show4me is trying to accomplish with its idea of gathering artists, labels, music professionals and fans, all on a single all-in-one music interaction network.


Show4me team had the honor to meet Ching Ching Chen, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Business Development at Capitol Records, the record label owned by Universal Music Group discussing possible collaborations and creating Artist Clubs on Show4me for artists signed to this label.

We have met Ching Ching Chen, Vice President Business Development of Capitol Music Group, the record label that is a member of Universal Music Group and discussed possible collaborations and creation of Artist Clubs on Show4me by artists signed to this label. 

Also, Murray Stassen came by our stand, Deputy Editor in Music Business Worldwide, to talk about partnership and future projects between Show4me and this global in-depth news, jobs and analysis platform for the music industry. 


Among the other outcomes of the Midem event was joining hands with one of the world's largest music distributors in the world, CD Baby in an effort to help artists earn more on their music. Karen Chiftalaryan, CEO at Show4me and Tracy Maddux, CEO at CD Baby exchanged their ideas on how this can be done. Along with that, what was the most encouraging is meeting a multitude of talented artists and music professionals that have registered on Show4me and created their Artist Clubs.