Show4me Music Interaction Network announced partnership with AMY Network, a place to list and find musicians, instruments, locations, rehearsal spaces, teachers, producers, etc. The two companies will join forces to help musicians and music industry professionals build their businesses and careers with an advanced choice of tools that set them up for success.

“We are happy to provide access to the unique mix of tools for musicians and music business professionals available on Show4me to all users of AMY Network,” comments the announcement Show4me CEO Karén Chiftalaryan. “We believe our partnership will facilitate many successful music careers and make the process less of a struggle and shorter in time,” he adds.

As part of the announced partnership, AMY Network users will get access to Show4me’s concert crowdfunding toolkit that helps set up professional concerts funded directly by the fans.

Concert crowdfunding protects musicians and their teams from traditional risks of investing money in concert production. It enables them to gauge market demand for a show in any given location and/or format by pre-selling tickets to their fans before the show goes into production. If a show raises enough money to meet production costs, it gets produced.

To crowdfund a prospective concert, the musician, band or their team create and launch the respective concert crowdfunding campaign on Show4me and promote it with their audience, who can already preorder tickets to the show.

Besides concert crowdfunding, Show4me offers a wide range of tools for musicians and music professionals to run their music-based business in a single place, without having to move fans between platforms. The tools include fan interaction (via Artist clubs), music monetization (album, EP, and single sales, paid Artist club memberships), crowdfunding (music and concerts), and more.

Founded in 2015, Show4me has since raised $13.4M in investments, joined professional unions like Music Business Association (US), and got high-profile media mentions in Forbes, Music Business Worldwide, Digital Music News, American Songwriter, etc. Over 8,000 musicians and music industry experts are using the service.

AMY Network is an international community of musicians, producers, schools, instruments’ dealers, rehearsal spaces, live venues, and indie labels that facilitates music making via listing various music-related products and services. Anyone can find or be found on AMY, reducing the cost of doing business and enabling more musicians and music professionals to succeed.


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