UK-based company Wefuture Ltd has closed a $12.8 million series A round from a UK-based corporate investor on January 18th, 2019. The company will use the funds to transform its project Show4me site from concert crowdfunding platform into a self-sufficient music interaction network. Its main goal is to open up new broader opportunities for the DIY musicians to succeed in the music industry compared to what concert crowdfunding could give.


«By raising a total amount of $13,5 million within three investment rounds, we are confident in the future and further developments of the network. What we give is a short path to success for talented musicians and bands with increased revenues, lower risks, and monetization right from the start. All the processes involved are significantly simplified and speeded up, which frees up more time for creativity» Karen Chiftalaryan, Show4me CEO


With music streaming services and music crowdfunding platforms dominating the market and paying tiny pay-outs to the artists, musicians today have limited options to get a decent income for their music. Global music community has been longing for the new and fresh format, and new Show4me network can be exactly what we all were looking for.

The main goal of the new Show4me music interaction network is to level the playing field for DIY musicians and help them take their music careers to new heights on their own terms. They can do that through direct interaction with their fans and by involving them in the process of music creation. With fans prefunding artist’s concerts or digital albums before they are organized or recorded, artists get a risk-free technology to prove fans’ demand with their real money. The main benefit for the artist is a zero-loss way to organize concerts and shows, and to sell music through concert and music crowdfunding model. Various types of shows and albums that artists can launch and get funding for leads to increased frequency and consequently to more revenues. Music sales, merch sales are additional revenue streams for musicians. In addition, Show4me offers a ground-breaking $1 annual subscription that can help musicians make up to 300 times higher income than on music streaming. Show4me has united all necessary tools and digital features in a single place to offer the artists multiple ways to monetize their music activities.


Using Show4me social interaction tool, artists can gauge fans’ preferences and produce the music fans will love so much that they are ready to invest their own money before the release.


Show4me is a complete system that helps turn fragmented steps artists take to promote and sell their music into a frictionless music business activity. By doing so, artists can make a living as full-time musicians and get fair reward for their art.


Official release of Show4me music interaction network is coming soon in April 2019.

Closed beta version is already live with limited access given to select musicians.


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