Manzee is a Czech singer-songwriter based in London, Ontario. His debut single Comfort Zone came out in December 2018. The record tackled the struggles the musician faced throughout his move from the Czech Republic to Canada. Dealing with change and being forced to confront an uncomfortable situation are some of the key topics addressed by the release.

Manzee’s music combines electronic and acoustic sound to create a unique sound that found quite a few favorable reviews from the music critics. The singer/songwriter’s melancholic voice lends his tunes soft emotional edge.

In February 2020, the singer performed a show at London Music Club in London, Ontario. The solo night featured music from his 2018 record along with new material, released days before the show.

Manzee at his show crowdfunded within Show4me Talent Program on Feb 8, 2020

The show was put together thanks to the concert crowdfunding campaign, ran by the musician on Show4me. Show4me provided management and promo help for the campaign as Manzee was a participant of the Show4me Talent Program.

We connected with Manzee to chat about his experience joining the Show4me Talent Program, crowdfunding his concert with Show4me concert crowdfunding toolkit, as well as hosting the show.

Hi, Manzee, thanks for agreeing to talk to us about your experience participating in Show4me Talent Program! Can you tell our readers why you’ve decided to join the program and what the experience has been like?

I decided to join this program because I wanted to take the opportunity to promote and fund my own show through crowdfunding and familiarize myself with this process since I think that this is the way that all shows should be organized.

Tell us more about the show you played and how the night went about.

The show went great! A good turnout happened and it was a great atmosphere. Most of the songs I played acoustically so the intimacy of the concert was projected very well. I played a mix of covers and originals which enabled the crowd to be more engaged and have more fun, which was ultimately the goal.

It helped me be more confident on stage. – Manzee

Throughout the process of preparing, launching and promoting your concert crowdfunding campaign, what were the main challenges and how did you overcome them?

The main challenge of the concert crowdfunding process was to get people to come to the show and make them have the incentive to buy the tickets. So the promotion factor and getting people to come was the most complicated process. Especially as an emerging artist, it takes more effort to get fans to come due to the fact that people don’t know who I am. But thanks to this I gained more listeners for my originals because they heard the songs for the first time at the concert.

What was the hardest part of the process for you?

For me specifically, it was to prepare vocally for the show. Since I chose to play songs that are vocally strenuous it took a lot of warming up and preparation to make sure I sound my best. Another thing was to make sure to fit in enough songs in the time which I was allocated at the venue to fill up the set.

How do you see this experience helping further your music career?

It helped me be more confident on stage and it also helped me understand which songs people loved and which ones didn't do as well (in terms of originals) which guides me in my songwriting process to mirror the style I used to make the songs that people liked the most.

What did you know about concert crowdfunding before you started your own campaign and has your hands-on experience changed your perspective?

I have never organized a show using concert crowdfunding and after using this it changed the way I see shows and concerts. I always had this view about booking gigs that it takes a big fan base and an income from your music to be able to book venues. I also felt that to book venues you would have to be signed to a label. But that changed everything and now I see that no matter how much money you have you can rely on the fans to fund a concert.

It was very easy and effective. – Manzee

What were the key takeaways for you from the process and the resulting concert?

I think the biggest thing that I learned is to never overthink your music and that you should always make music that defines you as an individual because there will always be people that will love your music. That you don’t need to copy another artist’s songwriting styles and you don’t need to act like your favorite artist to become popular.

If you were to start another crowdfunding campaign tomorrow, what would you do better?

I would make sure to promote my show around London to get a wider variety of audiences and not just people that I know. To be able to run a full concert with 30+ people show up and not one of them being someone I know would be something I would strive for.

Any plans on crowdfunding more shows and music on Show4me? :)

If I get the opportunity and I want to run another show I will definitely use Show4me’s crowdfunding feature to run my show. As it was very easy and effective. What more could I ask for?

You’ve gained new fans from your campaign who are now part of your Artist club on Show4me, what can they expect to see in your Artist club in the nearest future?

All my musical updates will be posted on Show4me, from new releases to shows to YouTube videos. I will make sure to keep every one of my fans on Show4me updated about what’s going on in my career.

Our blog is frequented by musicians and music professionals, what would your advice be for those of them who are currently preparing to launch a concert crowdfunding campaign?

The one piece of advice I could give would be that even though getting people to fund your campaign is a very important step and it takes a lot of effort to get people to come. Make sure to still devote some time to setting up your setlist and knowing all your songs inside out so that you can deliver the best performance and have people remember your show.

Do you think it will be easier to crowdfund your next show now?

Yes, I think it will be much easier as I’ve done it before I am familiar with every step of the crowdfunding, which will lead to a much smoother campaign next time I do it.

What are your music plans for 2020?

I have many music plans in 2020! I have started uploading musical content on YouTube every Monday such as covers, music videos, and vlogs! I’m also planning to have numerous releases and have an album come out at the end of the year. I will also be going around Open Mics weekly in London to show my music and grow my audience.

That sounds excellent, we wish you the best of luck!

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