The holiday season is a wonderful part of the year when so many creatives get the chance to share their art and reach millions of people with their takes on the rich cultural heritage surrounding the winter holiday season. We’ve decided to invite 12 artists on the Show4me Music Interaction Network to participate in our very own Christmas project.

12 Artists of Christmas is a collaboration of musicians from different continents, genres and backgrounds, who speak different languages and come from different generations. Their own unique take on the holiday classic Jingle Bells becomes a colorful patchwork of interpretations you can enjoy by yourself, with your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone you’d like to share the holiday cheer with!

Set the holiday mood with this version of Jingle Bells and spread the joy and happiness:

Featured artists (in order of appearance)

Bad Skin

We first met Bad Skin in France where we attended the 2019 Midem Festival in Cannes. Check out our interview with the band held at Midem.
Bad Skin is a Canadian all-female punk rock grunge band. The band is striving to relive the punk rock era and rebel against societal norms and pressure to be perfect.

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Hakan Ali Toker

Born in 1976 in Turkey, Hakan studied both in his home country and in the US. He is an award-winning pianist and composer with a background in jazz, electronic and Turkish music.

Throughout his career, piano remained the key tool for his art, although Hakan also works with the clavichord, harpsichord, as well as the Fluid Piano. His resume includes a variety of projects, ranging from playing for silent movies to performing with the Istanbul and Izmir State Symphony Orchestras.

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Other Properties

Other Properties is a creative project by Spanish electronic musician Juan Musik. Occasional journalist and a co-founder of the now-defunct non-profit that mixed social media, digital networking and music distribution.

Other Properties is an electronica/IDM/experimental/techno project. The first Other Properties album came out in 2019. ‘Of Tesla’ features 7 tracks inspired by the life and work of inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla. The music is an interpretation of various chapters of Tesla’s life and revolve around the topics of engineering, invention, science, and technology.

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Kayla Cariaga

This talented 19 year old New Yorker started singing at the age of four and have never stopped. In 2012, Kayla released her first two singles Everything and Snowflakes. Her third single – the tender, warm and emotional Stars Around – was released in 2016 and the music video for the song has over 70,000 views on YouTube. In addition to the beautiful pop and alternative vocals, Kayla masterfully plays guitar and piano.

In 2019, Kayla released Broken Hearts EP with 6 tracks, including a darker, heart-broken Deserve You single.

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Abhithi is a multifaceted artist from Canada. She’s living life to the fullest by trying her hand at singing, dancing, acting, modeling, writing, MCing, as well as TV and radio hosting.

Trained in both Western and Hindustani music, Abhithi gravitates toward fusion, Indian pop and world music genres and likes to lend her powerful vocals to creative covers of popular music.

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Ivvas is a progressive acoustic musical project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist RJM. It combines the mesmerizing guitar sound with vocals and heartfelt lyrics for nostalgic, soothing tracks.

Born and raised in Texas, Ivvas has been influenced in his artistic journey by Porcupine Tree, Tool, Opeth, and Ottmar Liebert. He likes to blend genres such as rock, classical, prog, folk, and goth music.

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Ben Quinlan

Ben Quinlan is an Irish singer/songwriter, most known for his 2014 appearance on The X Factor UK. His audition performance of an original song Believe in Yourself gave him four yeses from the judges Mel B, Louis Walsh, Cheryl, and Simon Cowell.

Ben creates music in the genres of electronic, pop, and rock.

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JD McGibney

JD McGibney is a guitarist from New York, who started his journey after taking off from NYC to Hollywood and playing gigs in Europe, US, and Canada. McGibney is part of the Angels of the Battlefield band.

In 2019, Angels of the Battlefield has released an album Over Darkened Skies. Two of the tracks on the album were recorded with just an iPhone. A year earlier – in 2018 – Angels of the Battlefield released a single The Sleeper Has Awakened.

JD McGibbney has recently shared his thoughts on the music business in an interview for our blog, check it out here!

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DEVYN ROSE is a Billboard charting musician from New York. Her single Falling 4 U off her debut album THIR$TY has been streamed millions of times, captivating audiences across the globe.

DEVYN ROSE creates music in the genres of hip-hop and alternative and is planning to go on an alternatively funded tour across the States, so stay tuned for the updates and tickets in her Show4me Artist club here!


Another Gen Z musician in our project, Manzee is a Czech singer-songwriter based in London, Ontario. His masterful guitar skills highlighted by subdued vocals create an enchanting modern mix of electronic and acoustic sound.

Manzee released his debut single Comfort Zone in late 2018 at the age of 18. The song tapped into the experience of moving away from one’s home country to a new environment and tackles the issues of facing change and discomfort.

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Nick Ray

Nick Ray is an independent producer/singer/songwriter from New Orleans. He’s been a lead singer of several rock and alternative bands. Presently, Nick experiments with mixing genres of pop, soul, alternative, hip-hop, and EDM.

New single The Way It Is is dropping on January 1st, 2020 so stay tuned in Nick’s official Artist club on Show4me here. (A sneak preview is already there and it’s awesome, so check it out in Nick’s Artist club as well!)

Tommy Positivity

Tommy Positivity is an electro pop musician from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He creates music in the genres of electro pop, synth pop, and Christian rap.

He aspires to create unique sound and pierce the darkness of the sonic atmosphere. His 2019 EP The Art of Humility was released in November 2019 and features 3 tracks: TPDology102, Another Go, and ATAP 2.0, and is available to preview and buy in Tommy’s official Show4me Artist club.

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Hope you enjoyed our little video project and all the covers featured by the 12 talented acts featured! Remember to support the project by sharing and liking the post both on Show4me and externally.

Much love, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Show4me Team!

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