Since April, our team has been working tirelessly to help artists across the globe play their online shows on Show4me. From our experience helping put together dozens of online shows, we’ve decided to share the ultimate checklist for any online concert or show.

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Your ultimate online concert checklist

1) Come up with a knock-out theme

Unless your show has a built-on theme like new album/EP/single release, research topics, come up with something creative – research and then brainstorm possible topics for your show that connect with your music, vibe, and style. Here’s our list of the best summer topics you can use for your show.

2) Plan out the event

There are a number of things you need to take care of to create an unforgettable, high-quality online show: your setup and stage, props, costumes, playlist, overall program. Here’s our best advice based on the 30 online concerts on Show4me that we binged so you don’t have to.

3) Take care of the technical side, no, really

Figure out what equipment and software you’ll need for the show, set up and test your sound and video, recheck your connection, and make sure it all works with your broadcasting medium (you can stream your show on Show4me, so our team will be able to help you with the setup).

4) Rehearse thoroughly

Make time for a full-length recorded rehearsal of your concert and then watch it back. You will note minor (or major) flaws in your setup, playlist, show look or sound, and even your presentation manner. Fix them before your live event.

5) Market your event

Now that your event is ready to go, produce promo materials like marketing texts for announcement posts and emails, create show description, take care of the promo imagery, like photos, pics, posters, Story entries, video, etc.

Create a show campaign on Show4me and invite fans to grab tickets to your show. Submit your event to event aggregators, like Resident Advisor, All Events, List, Skiddle, For the Love of Bands livestream concerts calendar, and numerous others. Send out a press release about your upcoming concert to the media using, SparkAmplify (both have free plans), and similar distribution services.

Show up at showtime

And the final step is holding your show at showtime! Start your stream in your Show4me Artist club and bring the amazing show your fans have been looking forward to.

Ready to start?