Regardless of whether or not you’ve played zero, one or ten online shows already, you are probably a bit nervous before each one of them. To make sure you make the best of each of your online events, we’ve prepared a list of five great educational videos on planning, putting together, and promoting online events.

The videos are covering all kinds of virtual events and are not industry-specific, but they contain universal advice on engaging the audience, rehearsing and planning out every detail of an online event to make it the most beneficial experience both for you and your audience.

The tips in the videos will help elevate any online concert, show, festival, or other type of event, so let’s dive in!

The basics

Marketer Kaya Quintana takes on the event planning aspect of your online event with basic checklist of what you need to do for a smooth event:

Thorough preparation

Billy Boughey of Elevate Experience branding agency explains how to achieve engagement with your audience, what are the main steps you need to consider in the preparation stage of your online event, how to rehearse and test your full show, including the technical side from the end user perspective, how to plan out your content as well as the talent – what’s on the screen and if people are engaged with your content:

Promotion plan

Business coach Amy Walker talks you through various online event agendas to help you create an event with the right goals and promote it to the best end result possible:

Engagement hacks

Joeri of creative agency The Magic Sauce on ensuring you provide the right energy through your show and engaging people before, at the start of your event, throughout your event, and after:

Like TV

Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott offers a fresh perspective on online events – they are less of a web interpretation of a live event and more of a phenomenon of their own. In a way, they are a form of television. David talks about the importance of the visual setup, lighting, and provide engagement ideas like event’s own hashtag and more:

Final thoughts

Study the tips suggested by the experts above and consider if your own online concert can be improved upon with the advice above. Or you might come up with some ideas fo your own! Use your fresh perspective on the online concert organization to inspire you to put together an amazing live show.

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