Remember the times when loyal fans would create fan clubs in your name, buy magazines with the latest news about their favorite musicians, collect vinyl, CDs posters, branded T-shirts or travel to another city, even country just to hear you playing live at the concerts or live shows… Great times, right?

Now, imagine that you can still have that huge community of true fans literally in any corner of the world. Your die-hard admirers that you are emotionally connected with and who you interact with personally, no matter where they are based in the world! Impossible? Sure possible, if you embrace “the change” and take advantage of a new tool like the digital Artist club.

Embrace the change

Constantly advancing technologies and thriving social media platforms erased all physical limitations and allowed personal interaction to become universal. This CHANGE has offered many artists the ability to be in the spotlight constantly and build deep relationships with their worldwide community of real fans. You can notice the change in the way fans speak about their favorite artists. What used to consist of idol conversation obtained from a few select fan magazines has evolved into a more advanced trade of intimate facts about the artist’s everyday life. Thus, the new social music format is no longer an option – it is a necessity.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Business brands all over the world do whatever it takes to make their customers feel more like friends by creating communities. The music business is no exception. That is the way brand loyalty is built. The music business is the same: it has always been a true connection with fans that has helped artists to build their music brand and career.

Create new music communities with an interactive social experience

How to create those new music interactive communities with your fans? Social music experiences centered around personal interaction between artists and fans - could become the next step in the music industry. The most interesting thing is that it is not a new format, rather it is the same old and well-known fan clubs but with the new technological and innovative touch to it.

Before learning the new way to reach out, interact and retain your true fans, it is important to not forget this: as an artist, face-to-face interaction with your fans is as important as online interaction. It is possible while making regular music events, selling merchandise there or making time for “meet and greets” after the concert is finished. Relationships with fans are symbiotic, NOT parasitic. So, find time to meet with fans and give them your undivided attention for appreciating your music and supporting you.

Obviously, when you have hundreds of fans all over the world, personal face-to-face interaction at the concerts is not enough to keep them engaged. That’s where artists need to apply technologies and tools available for them. Remember the fan clubs? Well, now it is an online Artist сlub.

Artist сlub is the new black

To fully understand how the Artist сlub works and how this new technology can help to boost your music career, let’s see how it can be applied to your music business.

So, you are an artist and you create great music by yourself or with your band. You have your music uploaded on various streaming services, that’s where you sell it to your fans. Well, not really fans, since you get paid per streams not per downloads or albums not really knowing who your true fans are. You might also have a website of your band or a music blog, where you keep your fans posted on the latest news and dates of your tours, concerts & other music events. Probably, you keep in touch with your true fans through multiple social media accounts, and that is also where you promote your music, post photos & videos and interact. That is how most of the independent musicians and music bands build their music brands and careers.

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Now, let’s consider a different case scenario. It starts the same way. You are an artist and you create great music by yourself or with your band. You have an Artist club on Show4me Music Interaction Network. You know your true fans because they’ve subscribed to your official Artist club via a Premium Fan Subscription at just $1 a year. They now have access to your music and all the exclusive content that you gladly share with them because they are the ones who admire your music and support your music career financially. Your true fans are not just all in one place and connected to each other and their favorite artist, but also you get full statistics on your fans number, ticket sales geography, your fans detailed profile and where they are from, and even more than that, which helps you to effectively plan your routing on tours – the locations of your future concerts, the exact number of tickets sold.

All this data is accumulated in your Artist club to give you the opportunity to know your audience better and sell your music to your global community fast, easily and risk-free. Your Artist club is your professional business account where you create and run your music & concert crowdfunding campaigns, upload and sell albums letting your fans become a part of the music creation and event-organizing processes. Inside the club you share your ideas, photos, music and engage with your fans in all ways that are possible without wasting time to chase followers dispersed in various platforms or likes.

Final thoughts

It is time to embrace “the change”. It is time to interact and engage with your fans differently by building new music communities that offer unique social experiences. It is time to build your music career using new innovative business tools combined on a single network and empowered with a direct artist-to-fan interaction tool. This network is Show4me.

Create your Artist сlub on Show4me, upload your music, invite your fans, and prepare for success!

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