On June 4-7, 2019, Show4me joined the legendary trade fair for the music industry Midem in the sunny Cannes, France. We’ve made a lot of new friends and presented Show4me to the fair attendees.

Next month we are preparing to join two more major events and decided to take a look back at our Midem experience with this throwback vlog from 4 months ago, hosted by our very own musician, manager, and media personality Dan BG.

Dan talked to fair attendees and participants to discover what they are looking for at the event and how they aspire to transform the music industry.

Loved the video? Here’s the full list of everyone we talked to (in order of appearance), along with a few highlights:

Alex Arne, Head of Sales (Europe), ticketing company Universe

Mathilde Neu, Content Management, French Tech at Midem by Cap Digital (France)

When asked what she would change in the music industry, Mathilde shared that she'd try to correct the relationship between artists and their labels, and their audience, and contracts, and licensing.

Ed Yen, Creative Director, GCA Entertainment (Taiwan)

Dope (lead singer + guitar) and Caro (drums), all-girl punk band Bad Skin (Montreal, Canada)

Answering the question of what they would change in the music industry right now, Caro jokingly suggested putting their music everywhere, while Dope commented:

Maybe give more money to artists, stop the streaming.

Guilherme Costa, Artistic Director, Favela Sounds Festival – International Slums’ Culture Festival (Brazil)

Guilherme explained that Favela Sounds connects the slums identity from favelas all over Brazil. He said that he was exploring Midem for new sounds and connections:

I’m looking for new sounds and new connections.

Andy Oskwarek, Creative Director, Woodwork Music (UK), speaker at 2019 Midem’s panel “Scoring super bowl sync touchdowns”

Eduardo Beguer, Co-Founder & COO, Music List (Spain)

Karen Chiftalaryan, Founder and CEO, Show4me

Karen shared the exciting news that Show4me attracted more than 100 new musicians, music professionals and labels to the platform in just the first day at Midem. He said:

It’s an amazing result and it’s just the first day.