Putting together your own show can be risky. What if you invest in the production, but the tickets don’t sell? And it’s not just the money you are risking, but reputation as well.

There’s a simple way to avoid this.

Pre-sell tickets to shows that are not in production yet and only confirm once your budget is met. Continue selling the remaining tickets to fill the venue to capacity and get profit. Doing so with an open date allows you to fund your shows even now, but hold them later, when it’s safe. You can also try out this model on an online show. This is something many musicians and bands are leveraging right now, which is why we’ve recently introduced the new feature of ticketed online shows. Sell tickets on Show4me and stream your show in your Artist club!

To explain how the model works, we hosted a webinar for Music Business Association on April 2, 2020. We talked about the process of creating such a pre-funded show using with Show4me tools and how it benefits musicians and bands who are forced to have less shows when using a tranditional model and the challenges that come with it.

Our guests Show4me CEO Karén Chiftalaryan and Canadian Musician/songwriter DJIBY talked about crowdfunded and on-demand concerts, and DJIBY shared his own experience crowdfunding his recent show in Montreal.

To find out how to cut your show production risks and overcome the challenges to putting together your next concert, watch the full event:

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