Going to a concert is an immersive experience not just of the music, but the vibe of the place, mood of the crowd and raw sincerity of live sound. To make your online show the most enjoyable journey for your fans, turn it into an experience-themed event your fans are craving this summer more than ever. Make dreams come true with your next show.


When the temperatures rise, a refreshing sip of or dip into a cooling body of water is just the thing everyone craves.

Center your summer online concert around the topic of water – host your show by the pool, on the beach, in your bathtub. You can even get a drinking water manufacturer sponsor for your event.

Whether your party is a vibrant celebration or a soothing music showcase, you can tie your event to the topic of water and bring your fans and supporters the much-needed break from their possibly quite isolating day-to-day.


Lush green of the tropics is the perfect reflection of all things that are great about summer – warm weather and the soothing shelter of the shade.

Lush palm trees and banana plants, pearly sand, crystal clear salty water, and thatched umbrellas on the sun-soaked beach will bring back the best memories and revive forgotten dreams in your audience.

Don’t forget the bright colored clothes and drinks.


The yacht culture is its own kind of summer wonderful – sleek, white lines reflecting the light of the sun on the perfectly blue water surface, adorned with off-white sails and milky ropes, the vibe here is all about keeping the signature summer sand, wrinkles, and heat away.

If your music fits right in, make your show all about the experience and let your fans in on the fun of your yacht party!


If you are playing traditional music or creating the music that continues a musical tradition of a warmer region, throw a colorful summer party celebrating the culture, history, and roots of the music you play.

Share with your audience the history of the musical tradition, what inspires your songs and music, recreate the atmosphere of a traditional party and play the music to get the hearts of your fans beating in tune!


Miles of sea, deserted sand, and clouds. A rock in the middle of the ocean. Greece or the Caribbean. Cut off from the rest of the world by a natural barrier, the island destination has a flair around it that’s like none other.


Finally, warmer weather calls for slowing down, relaxing, taking a longer stroll around the neighborhood on your way back from work or your grocery run, stretching your lunch a little longer, chilling, and reflecting on the beauty of the nature and life around you.

Take this meditative vibe as the topic of your event and invite fans to share the extraordinary experience with you.

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