As the industry is adjusting to the new reality and settling into the routine limited by public gatherings restrictions, a new type of show is starting to emerge – the hybrid concert.

The hybrid concert is a mix of live, in-person event and an online broadcast. Part of the audience gets tickets to an actual venue and shows up to the show in person, while the rest remain at home and watch on their computers and phones.

This way, artists are able to accomplish a laundry list of objectives:

  • connect with fans and accomplish creative expression
  • maintain live performance skills
  • comply with local health and safety regulations while still do what they love, bring joy to fans, and make a profit through ticket sales
  • deliver high-quality broadcast from a pro stage with pro sound and video

Depending on your local regulations and number of cases of COVID-19 patients, a hybrid concert might be just the type of event you are looking for if you are looking to move forward from playing purely online shows.

Let’s look at some examples of hybrid events streamed on Show4me.

Hyenas in The Creative Arts Gallery

The British alt pop band All Hail Hyena are charismatic and passionate performers. Enjoying their music live and in-person is something their fans treasure.
To provide their supporters with an exclusive experience that’s become so rare this year, the band decided to stage a hybrid online + offline concert by inviting a small number of fans to the venue where the show happens and streaming the live event for the rest of the fans on Show4me.

The show was a success with band fans and brought a night of quality music and excitement to every attendee.

Really Real Streamed Live!

Another hybrid event was held on Show4me by hip-hop artist Really Khalil.

The musician from Savannah set up a hip-hop and R&B show with a solid lineup of supporting acts – WZRDBLVK, Ethan Jeremiah, OSG Breeze, and Keaira Renay – at a local art gallery.

SoundTrack_Zurich 2020

Hybrid offline + online event format is not just for music shows and concerts. This month, Show4me became home to a stream from a Swiss symposium on film and media music SoundTrack_Zurich 2020.

The event is a series of lectures, roundtables, and expert meetups in the music for film industry across Europe. Thanks to mixing of the in-person, offline event format with the live streaming, the two-day event is now available to attend not only for those who were able to make it in person, but anyone anywhere in the world interested in the content of the conference.

Final notes

A hybrid offline + online live concert is the perfect solution for many artists and music pros – it helps maintain revenue streams for musicians, their teams, venues, concert promoters, stage managers, tech crews, equipment renting companies, etc. It also allows fans who love the live experience to join the show in person, with all the right safety and health precautions, while not leaving out the fans who want to still experience the event but can’t or won’t join in person.

Is a hybrid show the next big thing for the music industry amidst the pandemic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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