In the fall of 2019, our team decided to develop a program to help emerging musicians learn how to use our crowdfunding toolkit and launch concert crowdfunding campaigns that can help further their careers and make them sustainable by turning their fanbase into real revenue streams.

What is Show4me Talent Program?

Show4me Talent Program is a set of targeted assistance from Show4me team that helps up-and-coming musicians and bands launch and promote their concert crowdfunding campaigns run on Show4me, for shows for ~25 and more attendees.

The program presents participants with sustainable strategies to monetize their music and put on concerts without the financial risks associated with traditional concert production. Fans preorder tickets and the artist only starts show production if and when minimum show budget is met (Confirmation point).

For any musician or band, holding their own shows is important to advance their careers and connect with their fans, not to mention the fact that it’s the highest-grossing monetization tool for most musicians. This makes concert crowdfunding a powerful tool to support their favorite up-and-coming artists.

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What do musicians get from the program?

Musicians and bands who successfully applied for the program and got accepted receive targeted support for their concert crowdfunding effort.

That support includes consulting on show location, audience size, budget calculations, help finding and negotiating with the venue, preparing promotional materials for the campaign (posters and campaign description) and help launching the crowdfunding campaign on Show4me, as well as a guide on posting updates to your Artist club and social media about your campaign.

Program participants who have successfully crowdfunded and held their shows, i.e. had a successful campaign according to program rules, will also be eligible to receive $300*.

*Via wire transfer. Full conditions of qualifying for the reward are outlined in the program official documents provided to the participants within the application process.

Who can apply

In order to be admitted to the Show4me Talent Program, a musician or band have to fill out program Application Form, read and accept Official Rules of Show4me Talent Program (link in the Application Form), create (or update) their Show4me Artist club.

Due to funds withdrawal limitations, all participants must be at least 18 and have a bank account in one of the 100+ authorized countries. Here’s the full list.

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Improving your chances

Finally, let’s see how you can improve your chances of getting into the program. Here are our tips for you to increase your chances of getting into the program:

  • complete Application Form

The more information you include in your Show4me Talent Program Application Form, the faster our team will be able to evaluate your candidacy and get back to you with the reply.

  • Show4me Artist club

Having an attractive Artist club really helps get your prospective concert crowdfunding campaign contributors on board. This is why an already complete Artist club with frequent updates, profile and cover images, filled out bio, and uploaded music is going to contribute to your chances of being accepted into the program.

Photo by Jan Střecha on Unsplash

  • fanbase

An engaged fanbase (even if it’s small) in your chosen geographical area where you plan to hold your show helps reach your crowdfunding goal.

  • performing experience

The program is designed to support the careers of emerging musicians, helping them play more shows. Having performing experience and existing records to perform at your shows is a big plus as it can speak for the quality of your upcoming shows.

  • photos/artwork

In order to produce event promo materials – like posters and ads – we often use artist photos or artwork, so having a set of those can be very helpful.

Final thoughts

When you have completed the Show4me Talent Program, you will have added a live show to your music portfolio, advanced your network of professional contacts, found new fans and reengaged your existing fanbase, made an income off your art, and learned how to sustain your music career using the tools of concert crowdfunding and other monetization options provided by Show4me Music Interaction Network with no investments and success-based only fees.

If you feel like your music career can benefit from participating in Show4me Talent Program, apply now!

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