Whether you are a newcomer to the music concert streaming scene or are looking for an alternative to the services you’ve tried so far, here’s everything you need to know about Show4me and hosting (and ticketing) your music live stream on the platform.

Getting started

Show4me is a music interaction network where musicians and music pros can build their music business, connect with fans, and monetize music.

The platform is free to sign up to and use. Any fees are success-based and are some of the lowest on the market – 6% for profits on online concert tickets. All fees only apply to profits, so no initial investment is needed and if tickets don’t sell, no fees apply. Full information on the fees is available in this Help Center article.

To live stream concerts on Show4me, you need to create an account:

Choose the type of your account:

You will only be able to launch concert streaming with a professional account, so choose Professional. It’s free to create and maintain.

Complete your registration by confirming your email address, adding your name, brief bio, and a profile picture.

With a pro account, you may now create campaigns for music and concert crowdfunding, including ticket and set up online concert streaming.

If you are managing a band or are a musician, you will want to create an Artist club for the brand – this way, in addition to just ticketing and streaming your show, you will be able to also monetize Artist club memberships, sell your music (albums, singles, EPs), build and analyze your fanbase, and connect with your fans through discussions in your feed, sharing news, music sneak peeks, behind the scenes videos, etc.


Whether you are hosting your online concert in an Artist club or directly out of your music professional profile, your next step after clicking the Create campaign is selecting the type of show you plan on hosting:

After you select the type of concert you want to hold and confirm, all you need to do is fill out all the information about your upcoming event, like title, lineup, cover art, description, ticket prices, add music or videos to make your concert page more enticing, and launch the ticketing campaign.

Your ticketing campaign will be sent for approval to our artist success managers and within 24 hours your fans will be able to grab their tickets for your upcoming stream concert.

To track the finances of your live stream gigs on Show4me, go to Campaigns tab and click Manage next to the one you want to study.

Next, go to Campaign statistics tab:

Once your show sells enough tickets to meet your minimum budget requirements, i.e. you Confirmation point, you’ll be prompted to confirm the event and the date of your concert stream.

Setting up the stream

Now, how exactly do you stream your concert? Show4me offers integration with the popular and free open source streaming software OBS. In order to stream concerts online, all you have to do is connect your video and audio equipment with OBS and then enter your OBS stream settings into Show4me Live tool. This way, your fans will be able to watch your concert online right on its campaign page.

You will be provided with a detailed tutorial on setting up your stream once you create your campaign, but in this post we will provide a quick look at how easy it is.

First, you will need to take a second to create a streaming account on live.show4me.com. The interface for the service is very simple and contains two bits of information needed to set up the streaming of your music concert online.

All you need to do to start the stream is copy the server and stream key information and add them into your OBS.

Then simply insert the iframe code provided by OBS at the top of your Show4me campaign description and you are ready to go live!

Final thoughts

Show4me provides simple and intuitive tools to support live concerts streaming and help sell tickets to your stream concert. Music streaming events are taking over the web, so if you are just learning how to start online live concerts, make sure you do not waste any time picking the right tool and start preparing your ticketed live stream show today.

Ready to start?