Show4me Music Interaction Network is becoming not just widely popular and valued among the artists, but it is also getting noticed by the top world's professional music media. Music Business Worldwide (MBW), the leading information service that provides insights and news for the global music industry founded by Tim Ingham in 2015, has recently featured Show4me describing it as ‘The Music Startup That Is Definitely Worth Keeping An Eye On’.


Here is the full article from MBW about Show4me and its participation at the Midem B2B international music event in Cannes, France.


On June 4th, the first official day of the Midem international music event – an upgraded version of UK-based Show4me, dubbed a ‘Music Interaction Network’, was being presented to artists and industry figures at Midem, having been officially released in April.


Initially launched in 2015 as a crowdfunding platform by the UK-based company Wefuture Ltd, Show4me was transformed into a music-related network after the company raised a $12.8m investment in January 2019.


Show4me has raised a total of $13.5m investments within three rounds since its launch.


The company has used these funds to upgrade Show4me into one network of specialized tools for music monetization, which are designed for unsigned artists, and those signed to record companies, as well as labels themselves and other industry players.

“By presenting this model to the market, show4me aims to bring back the value of music as an art form, which has been debased in the past few years.”

Karen Chiftalaryan, Show4me

These tools include, amongst others:

  • $1 fan membership model;
  • music and concert crowdfunding abilities;
  • music sales;
  • direct-to-fan interaction.

Show4me says that 'its powerful mix of tools will open broader opportunities for artists and music industry professionals compared to concert crowdfunding, music streaming, and other existing models’. The $1 fan membership model is particularly interesting; it allows artists to monetize fans by asking them to subscribe to dedicated Artist Clubs that allow them to earn up to 300 times higher profit compared to music streaming.


Show4me is presented at the Midem event at stand P3.B4, which is held June 4-7. Come by and talk to our team.