Many states and countries have called on their citizens and residents to practice social distancing, cancel events and get-togethers, and shelter in place. Sitting at home all day can be little fun, but that does not mean you have to drown yourself in video games or binge watch TV shows.

Dedicate a part of your day to developing your music business. To make sure you know exactly what to do, we’ve created a comprehensive guide for you to follow.

Work on your fanbase

In order to interact and connect with your fanbase, try any or all of these:

  • engage with fans via comments,
  • hold a poll or a Q&A,
  • post new behind the scenes footage,
  • dig up unreleased pictures or video or even tracks and share with your fans

All of this and more you can do in your Show4me Artist club, which is a place, designed specifically for you to interact with your fanbase not just like a social media platform, but an ecosystem for music sharing, music monetization and concert organization.

To create your Artist club on Show4me, go to and create a professional account (it’s free!).

Next, find the Create button in the top right corner of your screen and hover over it to see the drop-down menu with Artist club option:

Proceed to choose the type of Artist club you are creating – for a solo musician or your band:

Next, enter your Artist club name and confirm you are authorized to create the Artist club:

After that, upload your photo, add bio, your location, genres of music you play, your website and other contacts. Once you fill out all the information, click Publish for your Artist club to go online:

Your next step is uploading music, so that fans could buy your albums, EPs, or singles. They can also listen to your music within the premium membership package to your Artist club ($1/year).

Click Add Music album and proceed to fill out all the info about your work and set the price for the piece. Your fans can buy the album for the set price or higher, if they so choose. Go to Upload tracks tab to add your music.

Once your Artist club is ready, go to your homepage and add your Mood or make your first post!

Pro tip. Go to your Artist club Settings to customize your Artist club URL, submit the Artist club for verification, check messages from fans, music sales, and membership:

Remember to invite your fans to join your brand new Artist club! Memberships are free or premium for $1/year.

Post regular exciting updates with your day-to-day professional endeavors, behind the scenes, musings about the music industry or trends, etc. This will help your fans stay interested and keep track of your upcoming events and music. You will need this for step 2 of this guide, so keep reading.

Crowdfund a concert with an open date

Once your Show4me Artist club is up and running, you can launch crowdfunding campaigns for your music and/or shows.

Here’s how it works.

You don’t need to invest money in show production before a certain amount of tickets are preordered by your fans. Once your minimum show budget is met (your Show4me concert crowdfunding campaign reaches its Confirmation point), you confirm the date of your show and take the money to fund the production.

After that point, fans can still buy the remaining tickets for your show, but the date is now set and your first tranche is in your hands to fund the show production, while you know your audience will show up!

Bonus tip. Open date concerts are awesome for times like the present global health crisis – by crowdfunding your show in advance and with an open date, you can hold it as soon as the situation clears up and it’s safe to get together again! Crowdfund your show now, hold it later. This way, you will have the funds to start production right away.

Additionally, here are some ideas for shows under lockdown:

  • live streamed show
  • drive-in show

To start your concert crowdfunding campaign, go to Campaigns tab in your Artist club and click Create campaign:

First, choose the type of show you want to hold:

Show is the format for your largest, most ambitious concert from 100 to thousands of people.

Intimate concert is a small event for 25-50 attendees.

Private event is a locked concert crowdfunding campaign that only your premium Artist club members and fans whom you provide with access code or link can preorder tickets to.

The next step for your crowdfunding campaign preparation is adding cover images, teaser video and tracks, creating a description for your show. If you want free help with that, apply to our Talent Program to get professional managerial and marketing support for your concert crowdfunding campaign for a show for 25-50 attendees!

We’ve also created a detailed guide for making your concert crowdfunding campaign looking its best and leading your show to success: Tips on making your crowdfunding campaign look its best.

After your campaign description is done, move to setting your ticket prices with the built-in budget calculator.

Set your funding period, include tickets with merch or meet-and-greets, list age restrictions, if applicable.

You can also add sponsor logos, descriptions and links to their websites directly into your campaign!

After everything in your campaign is set and ready, click Confirm and schedule to either send your campaign to our Admin approval or launch it at a scheduled date and time:

Once your campaign is live, you’ll be notified and can start its promotion.

Promoting your concert crowdfunding campaign is essential to its success. This is why we’ve recently compiled all of our own advice and hacks into this advanced guide to promoting your concert crowdfunding campaign. Check it out next!

Ticket and stream your dream live show:

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