General information

What is a Fan account?
If you love music and love to attend concerts, Fan account is for you. Sign up, to follow artists you like, add free and paid music to your Music Library. Pledge for live-show tickets and create music you like together with your favourite musicians, using crowdfunding. From today onwards, you can influence music industry more than ever before.
What can I do as a Fan?
You can:
  • create live shows with your favourite artists in your own town/city, by pre-ordering tickets 40% cheaper
  • pre-order upcoming albums 40% cheaper
  • listen to free music
  • buy released music
  • create your own Music Libraries
  • follow artists` and bands` official pages with unique content
What is the difference between the Fan and the Organizer accounts?
Fan account, lets you follow your favourite artists, buy released music, pledge for event tickets and unreleased music.
Organizer account, lets you create official artist pages and concert or album crowdfunding campaigns, as well as sell your released music. Get in-depth statistics on your activity on the Network.

My account

How do I sign in, if I forgot my password?
If you forgot your password, enter your email and click on the “Forgot?” button. Next, follow the instructions.
Who can see my “About” information?
Everyone who visits your page can see the information that you have entered in the “About” section.
Who can see my posts?
Everyone who visits your page and who follows you, can see your posts.
How is my personal data protected?
Your personal data is protected under the data protection principles of the Office of the Information Commissioner, UK.

Crowdfunding campaigns

What is a crowdfunding campaign?
Crowdfunding campaign is a crowdfunding project created on Show4me. There are the following types of projects: concerts, shows, concert tours, private parties, intimate concerts and album campaigns.
Who can see the campaigns I've pledged to?
Everyone who visits the crowdfunding campaign you have pledged to or the “Pledges” section on your Fan account page.
How can I find interesting to me campaigns?
Show4me has four main campaign types. Shows, Intimate concerts, Private events and Music albums. You can search by artist, campaign, location and music genre.
Can I launch a crowdfunding campaign for my Private Event?
Yes, you can. Just Sign Upas an Organizer and follow the
Will I be refunded, if the campaign does not reach its funding goal?
Yes. If the campaign does not reach its Funding goal, you will be fully refunded. Show, Intimate concert and Private event campaigns have to reach their minimum Funding goal (Confirmation point) and must be confirmed by the Organizer. Music album campaigns have to reach 100% of their Funding goal within the Funding period.
What does the “Confirmed” status mean for the event campaigns?
“Confirmed” status means that a campaign (a Show, an Intimate concert or a Private event) has reached its minimum Funding Goal (Confirmation Point) and that the show will be held. At this stage the date and the time of the event are set by the Organizer.
What does the “Funded” status mean for the Music album campaigns?
“Funded” status means that the Music album campaign has reached its Funding goal. At this stage the Organizer starts to produce the album.
Music album campaign, that I’ve pledged to, has reached its “Funded” status. When and where can I download the pledged album?
After the album is released, it is automatically added to your Music Library, where you are able to download it.
Who can see my pledge amount?
Nobody, besides the Organizer of the сampaign you have pledged to. Other users can only see the number of pledges you have made.
What the information does the campaign Organizer get when I pledge to the campaign?
The Organizer gets your first/last name, age, country and city of residence, the number of your pledges and the pledging date. Organizer does not get your credit or debit card details.
How do I ask an Organizer about a question on a specific campaign?
Every campaign contains the Organizer’s account link. Visit the Organizer page to get in touch with the campaign organizer.
Who fulfills the responsibilities and the obligations of a campaign?
The Organizer of a campaign is fully responsible for the fulfilment of the campaign’s promises.
How do I know, if a campaign I've pledged to is successful?
You will be notified via e-mail and internal message. If the campaign does not reach its Funding Goal you will be notified as well.


How do I get my tickets?
If you have pre-ordered your tickets, you can download them when the event is confirmed by the Organizer. If you buy tickets after the show is confirmed, you get them right away. You can find your tickets in the “Pledges” tab on your Fan page or in the menu on the left side in your “Activity”.

Can I refund my ticket, if the date of the event doesn't suit me?
No, but you can give it to another fan, since it is not attached to your name.
Can I swap my ticket to another ticket type?
No, you can't.
Can I give the ticket to another person?
Yes, you can. Tickets are not attached to your name.


How to pledge to an event or an album campaign?
  • Find a campaign you want to pledge to. Choose the ticket you want to pledge to and use Pledge button.
  • On the Pledge page, enter your valid email and Credit card details.
  • Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and check “I Agree” box.
Who can see my credit or debit card details?
How can I pledge or buy?
To make pledges you can use credit/debit/prepaid cards worldwide: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Diners, JCB.
When will I be charged?
Your credit or debit card will be charged immediately after you confirm your payment. If the campaign doesn't reach its Confirmation Point or its Funding Goal you will be fully refunded.
What is the minimum age in order to pledge or to make purchases?
In order to pledge or to make purchases on Show4me, the minimum age should be 13 y.o. (with the permission of parents).
Can I pledge to a campaign if I am not registered as a Fan?
Yes you can. In case if you are not registered, your account will be created automatically. You will get a confirmation email about your registration and an email which notifies you about your pledge.
Can I pledge to the same campaign more than once?
Yes. You can pledge to the same campaign as many times as you want. There are no restrictions on that.
What currency will my pledge and purchase is going to be charged in?
You will be charged in the currency that is applicable to the current campaign. If your card has a different currency your bank will automatically make the conversion. Show4me works with 10 currencies, such as: US Dollar, GB Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc and South African Rand.
Where can I find all my pledges?
You can find all your pledges in the “Pledges” tab on your Fan profile page or in the menu on the left side in your Activity.
Is it secure to pledge and to buy on Show4me?
We use Mangopay, a highly secure payment processing provider. Which provides a safe and secure environment that has the highest security standards. Mangopay is an electronic money institution approved by the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission.
How many different campaigns can I pledge to simultaneously?
As many as you want.

Music Library

Can I listen to music for free?
Yes, some artists share their music for free. Just add the music you like to your Music Library and listen to it unlimited number of times.
Can I listen to music via subscription?
No. There is no paid subscription.
Can I upload music from my PC to the Music Library?
No. You can only add music to your Music Library that is available on Show4me.

Artist Page

Is there a limit number of artist pages I can follow?
No, its unlimited. Follow as many artist pages as you desire.
What information do I see in my News Feed, when I follow a new artist page?
You can see all posts that are created by the Artist page: photos, videos, albums, crowdfunding events and various posts.


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