About network

What is Show4me?
Show4me is the Music Interaction Network for music industry and music lovers. It simplifies and upgrades music industry processes, unites and optimizes all necessary elements for conducting successful and risk-free music business.
What is Interaction network?
Interaction Network is a unique music oriented eco-system that allows fans to interact with their favorite artists, listen to music and enjoy awesome shows.
What makes us unique?
Show4me brings fans, artists and music professionals on the same network. Fans can interact with their favorite artists directly, join Artist clubs, get the latest news, videos, photos and music; buy released and pre-order upcoming albums, listen to free music; participate in concert crowdfunding campaigns to get discounted tickets and make the show happen.

Music industry professionals and artists can organize shows with no risk, connect with other music professionals and fans, set up and manage Artist clubs, share the latest news, videos, free tracks, photos. Sell music and merch directly to fans, build their music career.
How does crowdfunding work?
Crowdfunding is a trending practice of fundraising for various projects directly by the pledgers. A large number of people pledge to various crowdfunding campaigns and get rewarded for their contributions. Show4me is a network that is dedicated to fundraising for music related projects such as shows, concerts, events or music production.
What is Concert crowdfunding?
Concert crowdfunding allows artists to book their own concerts with their fans participation. Fans and music lovers can pledge in advance and get their tickets with 40% early birds discound. When the minimum Funding goal (Confirmation point) is reached, the concert is confirmed and the date is set. Then, the ticket price returns to its standart rate. If the minimum Funding goal is not reached, all the pledgers are fully refunded automatically.
There are 3 types of concert crowdfunding: shows, intimate concerts and private events.
What is Music crowdfunding?
Music crowdfunding allows artists to get funds to produce their new music with their fans participation. Fans are directly involved into the music creation process. Through pledging, fans pre-order albums of their favourite artists. When the campaign reaches its Funding goal, pledgers get a crowdfunded album added to their Music libraries automatically. If the Funding goal is not reached, all the pledgers are fully refunded.


Concert and Music crowdfunding fees
Show4me fee is 6% added on top of the overall amount of your estimated costs and profit. It won`t be retracted from your profit. Meaning that you receive 100% of the amount you`ve set. If your crowdfunding campaign does not reach its Funding goal or Confirmation point, you won`t be charged.
Music Sales
Show4me Music sales fee is 6%.
Transaction fees
Standard transaction fee charged by the payment processor is 2,5% + $0.25 USD.

Press and partnership

For Press
We are opened for the cooperation opportunities with mass media. If you wish to conduct an interview regarding the network or receive press-releases please, send your inquiry to [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible. [email protected].


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