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What is Interaction network?

Interaction network is a unique music oriented eco-system that allows fans to interact with their favorite artists, listen to music and enjoy awesome shows.

What is Artistclub?

Artistclub is an official page of an artist where you can find music, videos, photos, concert tickets and much more, all in one place.

Can I listen to all music on the platform via subscription?

There is no subscription to the platform, it's free to sign up. Fans can join Artistclubs they like with a premium membership.

Can I start an online concert campaign from my Artistclub?

Yes, you can. Fans will be able to find all your concerts in the Concerts tab in your Artistclub.

What can I do as Professional?

As a Professional you can create and manage Artistclubs, start show or online concert campaigns, sell music and merch, interact with your audience, etc.

Who owns the copyrights for the music I upload to Show4me?

You retain 100% ownership. Show4me does not obtain any ownership or intellectual property rights for your music.


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